LEDletters for DAF, MAN & Scania €340 – Venlo Holland…

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LEDletters for DAF, MAN & Scania
€340 – Venlo Holland

Our perfect-fit 6.5mm thick chrome LEDletters fitted on the smallest modell DAF ‘LF’ cab, it gives a little LF a great big look. Command by App on your mobile or with a professional remote control. Each letter contains between 60 and 110 self developed minileds (‘Scania’ contains over 500 minileds), our leds are also available in the colours Red,Blue,Orange and Green 🙂
A perfect fit, original dimensions, 6.5mm thick, frontside is made of chromed stainless, delivered as a complete ‘plug and play & easy to fit’ do it yourself kit with tensionregulator, command-ECU, special made wiringloom for every brand and modell, all connections with professional waterresistant plugs, full warranty on all our parts and easy to fit yourself, clear foto-installation instructions.
DAF XF, CF & LF €385 = £340
MAN ‘TGX’ €425 = £380
Scania €545 = £485 (‘R2/Streamline’ & ‘NextGen/S’ have a both a different rearside fit, our fit/bulging is identical as on the truck)
DHL incl. insurance + track&trace €18.50 = £16.50
Probably not the cheapest but far away the most original truck accessory on the market ?

11 Febbraio 2018 19:26

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